Future Extensions

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Form day one, HRT and the City of Norfolk have considered Tide Light Rail to be simply the start of something grander.  While plenty of posters on PilotOline act as if this light rail segment is all that there is, the truth is far from it.

Next on the list of rail extensions is a segment from Newtown Road Station to the Virginia Beach Oceanfront at 19th Street & Pacific Avenue.  On the other end of the line, two extensions are proposed:

  • Naval Station Norfolk via Old Dominion University
  • Portsmouth via Midtown Tunnel

The proposed widening of the Midtown Tunnel calls for making it “light rail ready” – that is to say, when it’s time to extend light rail to Portsmouth, the expanded Midtown Tunnel will be able to accommodate it.

Service to the Naval Base – due to the very nature of this post 9/11 world – would not take you into the base proper.  What can be done instead is build a loop track up Seabee and build a station on the side of the NEX (which is how buses serve the NEX Mall now), then loop back down Hampton Blvd.  At the NEX Station, you would board a shuttle bus which would take you in through the gate and on to your destination.  As always, when entering a Military Installation: ID MUST be presented.