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Williamsburg Trip

I went to Williamsburg again yesterday and here’s my report:

Williamsburg Area Transit Authority launched a new pass program at the beginning of this year and for me, my trips here and there mean my best value is $2 for an All Day Pass.  Drivers just had a staff meeting the other day about making time points and, as I was on Orange Line (Train Station / Tam-0-Shanter / Best Buy / Water Country Back Entrance), we sat for several minutes at a couple of points to wait for it to be time to go.

Several of the operators I spoke with were curious about the GoPass365, which I use on my travels, and I explained that basically it’s HRT’s equivalent of showing a WATA operator your Thomas Nelson or William & Mary ID.

Now, my big big gripe: HRT Route 121 (NNTC / Patrick Henry Mall / Train Station:

There is but one single round trip in the morning, and one single round trip in the afternoon.  I boarded the 5 PM trip from WATA Station to head home, and get this

  • We left 7 minutes early (4:53 PM instead of the correct 5 PM)
  • We left before all WATA buses arrived

Of course I blasted an email off to HRT because I can easily see the run being more popular if it would just wait for the 5 PM WATA lineup and people knew they could depend on the 121 waiting for them.

Passenger count for Route 121:

  • 7 on at WATA Station
  • 2 off / 8 on at Patrick Henry Mall

Bear in mind that there could’ve been more if the bus simply waited for it’s schedule and allowed all WATA buses to arrive


GoPass 365: Your Questions Answered

I picked up my TCC GoPass today. OFFICIALLY, they start working in January, however, you know I had to test it, so I purchased an All Day Pass when I got on the bus (to keep myself legal) and then inserted my GoPass into the farebox. It works and it works great!!

Now, let me answer your questions:

  • Q: Can I use it to ride the local bus?
    A: Yes
  • Q: Can I Ride the Tide?
    A: Yes, absolutely
  • Q: How about The MAX?
    A: Ye, even The MAX. No having to pay extra either. MAX rides are included with your GoPass!!
  • Q: Do I need to show proof of eligibility?
    A: Yes. In addition to your GoPass, you must present your ID. Students, this would be your College ID. Employer Passes require that you present your Employer Issued ID.

Now, if only more agencies and employers come on board. If you want to allow your employees or students access to all of HRT’s services, please visit the GoPass page (opens in a new tab). Let’s get the word out 🙂

Route 43: Frequently Asked Questions

So seeing all the commentary on HRT’s Facebook page, there are several questions about new Route 43. I’m going to ride it tomorrow and will change any answers as needed, but for now, a list of frequently asked questions:

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May 22nd Board Change: Route 36 Update

I have it from HRT staff that when the 36 gets rerouted to serve Buckner Blvd, new stops will be added:

  • Buckner & Croft’s Pride
  • Buckner & Purebred

I also requested a stop at Buckner & Competitor, and will update as I get word.  Competitor Court is where the South Rosemont Public Library is.

The MAX Service Changes

HRT has plans to tweak The MAX. I don’t agree with some of them.
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Transit (or lack thereof) to the Airport: How other cities do it, and what we should do

Sea-Tac Airport Wayfinding by Oran Viriyincy

How to get to the buses and the trains at Seattle-Tacoma International in SeaTac, Washington (by Oran Viriyincy)

Welcome to Hampton Roads!  We hope you enjoyed your flight to Norfolk International Airport!  Now, guess what?  You now have to walk a mile to the nearest bus stop!

How do other cities do it?  This is Seattle-Tacoma International Airport in SeaTac, Washington (about 30 minutes by train from Downtown Seattle).  You can get buses and trains easily.  The sign is even back-lit to be easier to read.

How do we do it here in Norfolk?  Ah, welcome traveler.  The nearest bus stop is for the #15 CROSSTOWN and it is located at Military Hwy & Norview Ave (here’s walking directions)

Now why, do you ask, is it so?

Simple answer really: The Norfolk Airport Authority is in the pocket of the taxi companies

Here’s what I would do if we could run buses to the airport: (available below the fold)

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A Suggestion for Route 36

A suggestion to tweak Route 36 Holland Rd

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