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Route 7 ORF Airport is a go(?)

Apparently HRT is going to try the #7 Shitty Grove-Airport again

Major stops along the route:

  • Shitty Grove Parking Lot
  • Civic Plaza Station
  • Tidewater Dr & Noreview Ave
  • Five Points
  • ORF Airport

Route 7 Schedule, Daily 5 AM to 11:47 PM every hour.

Service begins Sunday, Feb 5th. Here’s hoping HRT doesn’t get ahead of themselves again.


Transit (or lack thereof) to the Airport: How other cities do it, and what we should do

Sea-Tac Airport Wayfinding by Oran Viriyincy

How to get to the buses and the trains at Seattle-Tacoma International in SeaTac, Washington (by Oran Viriyincy)

Welcome to Hampton Roads!  We hope you enjoyed your flight to Norfolk International Airport!  Now, guess what?  You now have to walk a mile to the nearest bus stop!

How do other cities do it?  This is Seattle-Tacoma International Airport in SeaTac, Washington (about 30 minutes by train from Downtown Seattle).  You can get buses and trains easily.  The sign is even back-lit to be easier to read.

How do we do it here in Norfolk?  Ah, welcome traveler.  The nearest bus stop is for the #15 CROSSTOWN and it is located at Military Hwy & Norview Ave (here’s walking directions)

Now why, do you ask, is it so?

Simple answer really: The Norfolk Airport Authority is in the pocket of the taxi companies

Here’s what I would do if we could run buses to the airport: (available below the fold)

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