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Reminder: Bus Driver Appreciation Day Coming Up

One week from today, March 18th, is Bus Driver Appreciation Day 🙂

Why, you ask?  March 18th is when the first ever public transit buses started.  Learn more?

Thanks for reminding me, Bus Chick 🙂


Easter Sunday bus service

Be reminded that tomorrow, Easter Sunday, is a *REGULAR SUNDAY SCHEDULE* with no special changes.

Yes, people do ask what schedule buses are running for Easter. Technically, a regular schedule for a Sunday (meaning that, where I live near TCC Va Beach, no bus service anyways)

Happy Bus Driver Appreciation Day

I’m getting surgery on my right foot today, so I can’t ride buses 😦

Anyhow, Happy Bus Driver Appreciation Day!!  See my previous post for a history lesson on today.

H/T to Seattle Transit Blog

Thursday the 18th is Bus Driver Appreciation Day

Just a friendly reminder: Thursday is Bus Driver Appreciation Day

H/T to Seattle Transit Blog

And in case you’re wondering why it’s always March 18th: Wired has the answer.