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Operator Professionalism: My Compliments

I was on the 20 heading towards the Beach, and arrived at Pembroke Mall at 8:21 PM, roughly on schedule so I could get that 36 home.

As we were coming around the Corporation Lane loop, someone in the back of the bus broke wind and it wasn’t long until the awful smell made its way to the front of the bus, causing the entire bus to be in uproar!

Throughout the entire incident, the operator stayed calm and professional.  My compliments to the operator.


May 22nd Board Change: Route 36 Update

I have it from HRT staff that when the 36 gets rerouted to serve Buckner Blvd, new stops will be added:

  • Buckner & Croft’s Pride
  • Buckner & Purebred

I also requested a stop at Buckner & Competitor, and will update as I get word.  Competitor Court is where the South Rosemont Public Library is.

May 22nd Board Change

Service Changes effective May 22nd, 2011

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The MAX Service Changes

HRT has plans to tweak The MAX. I don’t agree with some of them.
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I’m BACK!!! (for real)

Route 36 heading towards Pembroke Mall at Tidewater Community College

Route 36 Pembroke at TCC

Yes, it’s been forever and a day since I’ve used this blog.  I was attending a place in the Shenandoah Valley to further my education, and I’m now home.

I will be attending  tomorrow’s special session of HRT’s Transit Riders Advisory Committee and intend to report about it after.

Other business:

  • HRT wants to reduce service on The MAX.  Eh, there’s better ways to do this that can attract ridership.  I’ve submitted my ideas to my two City Council members on HRT’s board.
  • The Tide Light Rail: Dang it!  Start running revenue service!
  • Efficiency Report: Lose my Night 36?  Uh, NO!  Better idea: Let it actually meet the 20 at Pembroke.  You might actually get riders.


The July 11th Service Change is Public

Number One: THE 36 HOLLAND ROAD BUS RUNS AT NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The July 11th Service Change

Alright, here’s what I know so far through unnamed sources: (disclaimer: information is subject to change rapidly and without notice)

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[BREAKING] Virginia Beach says Yes to Night bus service to/from TCC

This is Breaking News, and information is subject to change rapidly as information becomes available.

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City of Virginia Beach is working on a new budget

It’s that time of year again for the City of Virginia Beach to look at and vote on its new budget for the new Fiscal Year.

I must remind the City that currently, it is impossible to do anything at night unless you’re lucky enough to be on Virginia Beach Blvd.  City Council: please remember that when you cast your votes: bus service needs to run later (say, 10:45 PM from TCC – that’s roughly where I live – and it needs to be 7 days a week).

Va Beach Transportation Session Tonight

There’s a Transportation session tonight at the VB Municipal Center

Can someone please explain why the Hell it starts when the last bus is rolling through? We need buses until around 11 PM – Midnight 7 days a week