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Bring The Tide Across The Harbor

Yep: Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, and Portsmouth are covered.  Now, let’s Cross The Harbor 🙂

Anyone from the Peninsula able to help me?


GoPass 365: Your Questions Answered

I picked up my TCC GoPass today. OFFICIALLY, they start working in January, however, you know I had to test it, so I purchased an All Day Pass when I got on the bus (to keep myself legal) and then inserted my GoPass into the farebox. It works and it works great!!

Now, let me answer your questions:

  • Q: Can I use it to ride the local bus?
    A: Yes
  • Q: Can I Ride the Tide?
    A: Yes, absolutely
  • Q: How about The MAX?
    A: Ye, even The MAX. No having to pay extra either. MAX rides are included with your GoPass!!
  • Q: Do I need to show proof of eligibility?
    A: Yes. In addition to your GoPass, you must present your ID. Students, this would be your College ID. Employer Passes require that you present your Employer Issued ID.

Now, if only more agencies and employers come on board. If you want to allow your employees or students access to all of HRT’s services, please visit the GoPass page (opens in a new tab). Let’s get the word out 🙂

Ride the Tide for FREE on Wednesday

HRT CEO Philip Shucet would like to thank all 500,000 (and counting) Tide riders by offering FREE rides on The Tide this Wednesday, December 21st. See announcement on Twitter

Us bus riders (and ferry riders too) are still expected to pay regular fare. Free rides are for The Tide light rail only.

MILESTONE: 500,000 Rides

Today marks a milestone in The Tide: 500,000 rides and HRT CEO Philip Shucet giving out free rides.  Congratulations!!

Take that, boobers who say No One Will Ride!!

Take a Ride on The Tide

The Tide is In

I’m BACK and I finally got to Ride the Tide for the first time.  I come from riding Sound Transit Link Light Rail, so I do have expectations of what service should be and what should not be done.  So far, it’s a start (but that was the plan all along: The Tide is the start of something bigger).

People who use it, are happily using it, and I’m seeing plenty of bus-train connections being made at Newtown Station (I personally did bus to train connections at these stations:  Military Hwy, Newtown, Ft Norfolk/EVMC, Monticello*, and MacArthur Square*).

The ride was rather smooth as promised, and does make the commute much faster.  What used to be a 90 minute bus ride from TCC Virginia Beach is now a 20 minute bus ride to Newtown Station + a 20 minute train ride into Downtown Norfolk (MacArthur Square Station).  I used to have to be on the 5:15 PM bus to get home on the last bus, but now I can stay until the 8:52 PM train from Downtown.  Yes, a vast improvement.  I am glad to be home 🙂

* Officially, buses don’t connect here, but they are close enough to Route 17.  MacArthur Square could use a bus stop on City Hall Ave for several routes that go right past.

Your Complete Guide to Tide Light Rail

Link: Complete Guide to Tide Light Rail

You may have noticed a new link in the menu above.  Yep: I’m writing you a complete guide to The Tide Light Rail, and will attempt to dole out as much information as I possibly can.

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Tide Light Rail Opening Timeline

Here is your opening timeline for Tide Light Rail:

* Sunday, August 7th: feeder bus service starts. Gets passengers used to using new bus service at train stations
* Friday, August 19th: FREE Preview Weekend with Tide Light Rail
* Monday, August 22nd: Regular light rail service begins. Train fares same as local bus. Passes from buses good on trains. Passes from trains good on buses. MAX Upgrade Fare still applies as always.

[BREAKING] Tide Light Rail Opening Date

Straight from CEO Philip Schucet:

More details below the fold

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Virginia Light Rail Safety Day

Light Rail Safety starts with YOU!

As promised, I made my way to MacArthur Square Station to be at Light Rail Safety Day, and what an event it was.  For the first time, the General Public was invited to see the inside of the Siemens S70 LRV (see datasheet for Charlotte, who shared their purchase order with HRT to reduce costs).

The biggest question of course was “when will it open” which of course we do not have a final answer for right now.  HRT’s President and CEO Philip Shucet recently gave a very honest answer, which may be read on Vivian Paige’s blog.

I took several pictures and may be viewed on Flickr

The Tide Light Rail

Tomorrow, I will be bringing my bike with me onto buses so I can get out and ride around.  I promise loads of pictures (and video if I can help it!) of Tide Light Rail construction!!

Because my paid Flickr account expired, and because I’m learning how to do web site programming, I’m going to try to get my own photo gallery going.  Videos will be posted on YouTube so that they can be accessed using iOS (unless I can start learning HTML5 video).  In addition, look for me attending Light Rail Safety Day, which will be the public’s first chance to check out the Siemens S70 LRV inside and out.