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Take ORF with HRT: Route 7 ORF Airport

Hampton Roads Transit Bus Route Seven at Norfolk International AirportI was on board Route 7 today and I must say, the word needs to get out.

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Route 7 ORF Airport is a go(?)

Apparently HRT is going to try the #7 Shitty Grove-Airport again

Major stops along the route:

  • Shitty Grove Parking Lot
  • Civic Plaza Station
  • Tidewater Dr & Noreview Ave
  • Five Points
  • ORF Airport

Route 7 Schedule, Daily 5 AM to 11:47 PM every hour.

Service begins Sunday, Feb 5th. Here’s hoping HRT doesn’t get ahead of themselves again.

Goodbye Suffolk


Yesterday, I went for a ride with HRT Staff on the final day of HRT operations in Suffolk.  Passengers were mostly taking things in stride, and mostly it was a day of saying goodbyes to everyone.  Beginning Tuesday (because Monday is a Holiday), Virginia Regional Transit will be taking over Suffolk operations.  They will operate Routes 71 and 74 as they were, and is expected to report back with proposals around March or April.

I gave Suffolk Public Works an earful due to the loss of Paul D Camp Community College service, then the HRT staffer explained how the 72 also served a lot of residential that would be losing service as well.

I’ve used VRT’s Mountain Division service plenty of times before and I say: give them a chance to iron the kinks out.  Take it in stride, and I will be back in Suffolk to see how VRT is doing.

GoPass 365: Your Questions Answered

I picked up my TCC GoPass today. OFFICIALLY, they start working in January, however, you know I had to test it, so I purchased an All Day Pass when I got on the bus (to keep myself legal) and then inserted my GoPass into the farebox. It works and it works great!!

Now, let me answer your questions:

  • Q: Can I use it to ride the local bus?
    A: Yes
  • Q: Can I Ride the Tide?
    A: Yes, absolutely
  • Q: How about The MAX?
    A: Ye, even The MAX. No having to pay extra either. MAX rides are included with your GoPass!!
  • Q: Do I need to show proof of eligibility?
    A: Yes. In addition to your GoPass, you must present your ID. Students, this would be your College ID. Employer Passes require that you present your Employer Issued ID.

Now, if only more agencies and employers come on board. If you want to allow your employees or students access to all of HRT’s services, please visit the GoPass page (opens in a new tab). Let’s get the word out 🙂

[UPDATED] Use HRT to Take ORF (or not)

Update #2: 2:15 PM, Friday, December 16th:
Got an email from the City of Virginia Beach basically stating that Route 7 was news to them – they got the proposal on Wednesday and quickly identified a bus stop in Town Center. It was also news that the route was being put on hold.

Update: 10 AM, Friday December 16th
I smell rubbish. It looks like no Route 7 after all. Someone owes a BIG explanation!! I’m leaving this post up. Shame on EVERYONE who scrapped the launch. 20111216-095936.jpg

Original Post:
AltDaily has brought to my attention that starting this Sunday: HRT will be introducing Route 7, which will provide service once-hourly between Town Center, Newtown Station, and ORF Airport. Service will be daily 5 AM to 11 PM. I will provide updates as I get them.

Tide Light Rail Opening Timeline

Here is your opening timeline for Tide Light Rail:

* Sunday, August 7th: feeder bus service starts. Gets passengers used to using new bus service at train stations
* Friday, August 19th: FREE Preview Weekend with Tide Light Rail
* Monday, August 22nd: Regular light rail service begins. Train fares same as local bus. Passes from buses good on trains. Passes from trains good on buses. MAX Upgrade Fare still applies as always.

Route 43: Frequently Asked Questions

So seeing all the commentary on HRT’s Facebook page, there are several questions about new Route 43. I’m going to ride it tomorrow and will change any answers as needed, but for now, a list of frequently asked questions:

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May 22nd Board Change: Route 36 Update

I have it from HRT staff that when the 36 gets rerouted to serve Buckner Blvd, new stops will be added:

  • Buckner & Croft’s Pride
  • Buckner & Purebred

I also requested a stop at Buckner & Competitor, and will update as I get word.  Competitor Court is where the South Rosemont Public Library is.

May 22nd Board Change

Service Changes effective May 22nd, 2011

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The MAX Service Changes

HRT has plans to tweak The MAX. I don’t agree with some of them.
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