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Ok where to begin? Well, how about trashy buses? Nope, I see that every day. Filthy shelters? Yawn.
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GoPass 365: Your Questions Answered

I picked up my TCC GoPass today. OFFICIALLY, they start working in January, however, you know I had to test it, so I purchased an All Day Pass when I got on the bus (to keep myself legal) and then inserted my GoPass into the farebox. It works and it works great!!

Now, let me answer your questions:

  • Q: Can I use it to ride the local bus?
    A: Yes
  • Q: Can I Ride the Tide?
    A: Yes, absolutely
  • Q: How about The MAX?
    A: Ye, even The MAX. No having to pay extra either. MAX rides are included with your GoPass!!
  • Q: Do I need to show proof of eligibility?
    A: Yes. In addition to your GoPass, you must present your ID. Students, this would be your College ID. Employer Passes require that you present your Employer Issued ID.

Now, if only more agencies and employers come on board. If you want to allow your employees or students access to all of HRT’s services, please visit the GoPass page (opens in a new tab). Let’s get the word out 🙂

The July 11th Service Change

Alright, here’s what I know so far through unnamed sources: (disclaimer: information is subject to change rapidly and without notice)

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[BREAKING] Virginia Beach says Yes to Night bus service to/from TCC

This is Breaking News, and information is subject to change rapidly as information becomes available.

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City of Virginia Beach is working on a new budget

It’s that time of year again for the City of Virginia Beach to look at and vote on its new budget for the new Fiscal Year.

I must remind the City that currently, it is impossible to do anything at night unless you’re lucky enough to be on Virginia Beach Blvd.  City Council: please remember that when you cast your votes: bus service needs to run later (say, 10:45 PM from TCC – that’s roughly where I live – and it needs to be 7 days a week).