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Board and Commitee Meetings


Ok where to begin? Well, how about trashy buses? Nope, I see that every day. Filthy shelters? Yawn.
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Welcome Aboard, Mr Harrell

Mr. Harrell, welcome to HRT!! You will find that your city of Chesapeake can stand to benefit from a vastly expanded bus and rail system and I look forward to being able to ride the entire length of Battlefield in the near future. In the immediate future: I look forward to being able to get to/from Chesapeake in the evenings as well as Sundays, and being forced to leave the city by dinner time is not a good quality.
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HRT TRAC Meeting

Getting Started

Last week, HRT’s Transit Riders Advisory Committee met at the 15th Street boardroom.  As usual, I was kicked to the visitor seating area.

Everyone introduced themselves – even me (as the bus route expert), then down to business.  The minutes from the October meeting were missing in action, so delay in voting to approve those minutes.

Comment from the Co-Chairs


  • Judith attended each public hearing – except Suffolk
  • The TDCHR (governing board of HRT) meets every fourth Thursday
  • Route issues discussed


  • Rosetta, the Hampton rep, can no longer attend.  Time for a new Hampton rep
  • Service reports were distributed, and the difference between Service Reports and Customer Assistance Forms were discussed
  • Went over TRAC Guidelines

More Business

TRAC was told that the Service Efficiencies Study Part 1: The Reductions are happening January 22nd.  Service Efficiencies Study Part 2: The Additions (NIGHT BUS SERVICE!!!!) will be discussed later, with a possible timeframe of adding them in around May or June of THIS YEAR

Shitty Grove Parking Lot Relocation

THIS IS THE BEST THING FOR US BUS RIDERS!!!! Shitty Grove relocation is FINALLY starting to proceed.  This is a City of Norfolk led project and they are in the first steps of the process.  Due to limited budgets, this has to be on City-owned land.  Requirements: lights.  BATHROOMS for OPERATORS AND PASSENGERS!!!!!!!!!

I will have much more details come March

Night & Sunday Service in Portsmouth: Coming Soon

As part of a commitment to “ease the pain” of tolls at the Tunnel, the following routes will see substantial additional service:

  • Route 44 Turnpike Rd
  • Route 45 Portsmouth Blvd
  • Route 47 High Street
  • Route 90 River Ferry

The money will be on top of – not instead of – money contributed now by the City of Portsmouth.  By signed contract, this will be at minimum for the length of the tunnel operation license (which is currently 50 years).  Although not yet set in stone, these routes will have service 7 days a week with 15 minute frequency at peak and will run until around 10 or 11 PM (the 45 will continue to run until 12-1 AM as it does today).  Portsmouth, YOU ARE GETTING SUNDAY SERVICE!!

Route 7 Airport: What Went Wrong

Long story short: the Airport Authority started crying like little babies at the very, very last minute.  When I say last minute, I mean “crews were in trucks taking bus stop signs to the airport” last minute.

They were scared they would lose parking revenue.  You know?  Every other airport has bus service.  The big ones even have train service.  Do they complain?  Nope.  GROW UP NORFOLK AIRPORT AUTHORITY.  EITHER YOU SAY “OK” TO HRT OR I WILL FILE AN ADA VIOLATION COMPLAINT.

Transit Riders Advisory Committee

There isn’t much to report from tonight’s meeting. I do NOT have feeder bus information to report, which I was expecting to hear about.

The information I did get:
* Chairman Henry Ryto did acknowledge us Expert Bus Riders and how valuable we would be
* He says there should be one person at each station who is the go-to person for Feeder Buses
* Yes, even lowly me got acknowledged as an expert in buses (granted, Henry knew I would get him if he didn’t mention me)

A Six-Year Plan: Transit Development Plan
* The consultant did a presentation on how far along this is. The public should be able to get a peak next month when it is posted on HRT’s website

Tide Guides (yes I’m going to be one of them)
* We’re going to be at the train stations and will be plainly visible and will be able to answer any question you have about light rail and feeder bus service

I’m BACK!!! (for real)

Route 36 heading towards Pembroke Mall at Tidewater Community College

Route 36 Pembroke at TCC

Yes, it’s been forever and a day since I’ve used this blog.  I was attending a place in the Shenandoah Valley to further my education, and I’m now home.

I will be attending  tomorrow’s special session of HRT’s Transit Riders Advisory Committee and intend to report about it after.

Other business:

  • HRT wants to reduce service on The MAX.  Eh, there’s better ways to do this that can attract ridership.  I’ve submitted my ideas to my two City Council members on HRT’s board.
  • The Tide Light Rail: Dang it!  Start running revenue service!
  • Efficiency Report: Lose my Night 36?  Uh, NO!  Better idea: Let it actually meet the 20 at Pembroke.  You might actually get riders.


Get on TRAC with HRT

They’re finally here!!!

Get on TRAC with HRT

For the longest time, Hampton Roads Transit had a committee made up of citizen bus riders called the User Citizen Advisory Committee.  Hardly anyone knew it existed, much less what it was about.

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WAVY TV 10: Uh, No!

I just saw the WAVY 10 article on the iPhone app and obviously, WAVY doesn’t get it

They wanted the HRT governing board to discuss publically the embezzlement that happened (or is still happening) at Trolley Base.

Most everyone I know do not talk about ongoing police investigations for a reason.

Wait until the police do their thing, then the board will talk about the situation.

Commissioner Holley, Did I Hear You Correctly?

Today I attended the Transportation District Commission of Hampton Roads regular meeting (this is HRT’s governing board).

Commissioner Holley, did I hear you correctly when you basically say that buses aren’t needed in Portsmouth after 7?

I ask you to tell that to any bus rider in Portsmouth. You will hear a much different response.

Portsmouth residents: this is your Mayor Holley saying this.