Ok where to begin? Well, how about trashy buses? Nope, I see that every day. Filthy shelters? Yawn.

Ah, here we go. Trumped Up Charges. Apparently I did something wrong a month ago and it took HRT a whole month to get the word out to me. So much for transparency.

* I arrived around 10:45 AM for New Starts
* Sat through the meeting, after having a chat about Peninsula education institutions with the TDCHR Chair and a Route 36 tweak chat with Beach Planning Staff
* Left 15th Street for Wendy’s after meeting got over around 12:30. One of the TRAC Co-Chairs saw me as I exited Wendy’s and I told her about New Starts
* Reentered 15th Street
* Around 12:54 pm, was asked to leave. They wanted my address (which should be on file since I have a Half-Fare ID). They refused to present evidence of what I supposedly did a month ago.

So, HRT: no more lies. No more bullshit. It is time to COME CLEAN. Consider this a Formal Request to hand over evidence. NOW.


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