Take ORF with HRT: Route 7 ORF Airport

Hampton Roads Transit Bus Route Seven at Norfolk International AirportI was on board Route 7 today and I must say, the word needs to get out.

Route 7 brings HRT to Norfolk International Airport at long last and connects the Airport to New Fallujah (Cedar Grove) and Civic Plaza Station. Service is provided every hour leaving either end (Cedar Grove and the Airport) on the hour from 5 AM until 11 PM every day.

On my ride today, the biggest thing I noticed was that, leaving Cedar, most people didn’t realize it would take them up Tidewater Drive so they wouldn’t have to wait on Route 8. Coming back from the Airport, once we got onto Tidewater Drive, we started picking up passengers who were waiting for the 8 and took them to Cedar.

My biggest qualm with Route 7? HRT needs to give the route longer than 30 days to test the waters. I can image that the 7 + 960 + 30 would, if done properly, bring the tourists to their hotels on Atlantic Ave.

I rode the bus today and had a decent lunch at the Hometown Sports Bar (a turkey sandwich, fries, pickle, and soda), deciding to spend some money at the Airport as a quick way to say Thank You for letting the bus finally come in.

I look forward to seeing the #7 continue to serve beyond the 30 day trial period that HRT planned on. Get the word out for starters, and keep it rolling.

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2 responses to “Take ORF with HRT: Route 7 ORF Airport

  1. I hope HRT realizes that ridership numbers from Mid-Jan to Feb won’t be representative of figures that would be the case during the Holidays or even during the summer.