Welcome Aboard, Mr Harrell

Mr. Harrell, welcome to HRT!! You will find that your city of Chesapeake can stand to benefit from a vastly expanded bus and rail system and I look forward to being able to ride the entire length of Battlefield in the near future. In the immediate future: I look forward to being able to get to/from Chesapeake in the evenings as well as Sundays, and being forced to leave the city by dinner time is not a good quality.

I invite you for a bus ride with me any time except Mondays and Wednesdays (I have class) or Sundays (there is no bus service – this needs to be fixed ASAP) so you can see the city’s two transfer points (20th & Seaboard in South Norfolk and on Robert Hall Blvd) as well as the strange way passengers have to take to get to the main retail core of Greenbrier Mall. This trip will include a trip through Camelot and on to Portsmouth to grab the bus to Chesapeake Square. Yes, you are currently required to ride through Portsmouth to get between the two sections of Chesapeake unless you time it just right during weekdays.

I’ve been riding HRT buses since August 2003 and I am a so-called Choice Rider (I can drive, but I’d rather be on the bus) and can easily boast that I know the system better than 222-6100 (just ask almost any operator).

My invitation is for any route / any city / any time (Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays are when I’m available) and I will be glad to teach you a lot about the agency.

The service area stretches all the way from 19th & Pacific at the Oceanfront to Elmhurst (Lee Hall) in Newport News where a connection to Williamsburg Area Transit Authority can be made – providing continuous city bus service from the Virginia Beach Oceanfront to Toano, west of Williamsburg.

Again, welcome to Hampton Roads Transit!!


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