HRT Staff Rides the 47 with Me

Last week, I sent an email inviting HRT planning as well as operations staff to come ride the #47 High Street with me to see what I have to put up with getting to ODU Tri Cities campus.

One of the operations big wigs down at 18th Street – along with a couple of staff members – happily took advantage of the offer to “escape the office” and learn the route better.  Here’s what I had in mind for the 47: County & Court to Village & Academy: Route 47 High Street, marked as such, and make no changes, except as planned with the Service Efficiencies Study.

Village & Academy to Lakeview Industrial Park in Suffolk: I can see major (for the better) changes happening.  This is what I would like to see happen:

  1. As the bus is coming into Suffolk, hang a left onto Prices Fork Blvd
  2. At the Traffic Circle where Prices Fork & University Blvd meet, swing around to University – making a right.  Somewhere safe there, plant a bus shelter for both directions.  NOTE: buses CAN NOT fit down University Blvd towards the Tri Cities building, so these shelters would be where you get on and off for Tri Cities
  3. Continue down University Blvd and hang a RIGHT onto College Drive
  4. Regular Route from there to Walmart

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