[UPDATED] Use HRT to Take ORF (or not)

Update #2: 2:15 PM, Friday, December 16th:
Got an email from the City of Virginia Beach basically stating that Route 7 was news to them – they got the proposal on Wednesday and quickly identified a bus stop in Town Center. It was also news that the route was being put on hold.

Update: 10 AM, Friday December 16th
I smell rubbish. It looks like no Route 7 after all. Someone owes a BIG explanation!! I’m leaving this post up. Shame on EVERYONE who scrapped the launch. 20111216-095936.jpg

Original Post:
AltDaily has brought to my attention that starting this Sunday: HRT will be introducing Route 7, which will provide service once-hourly between Town Center, Newtown Station, and ORF Airport. Service will be daily 5 AM to 11 PM. I will provide updates as I get them.


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