Take a Ride on The Tide

The Tide is In

I’m BACK and I finally got to Ride the Tide for the first time.  I come from riding Sound Transit Link Light Rail, so I do have expectations of what service should be and what should not be done.  So far, it’s a start (but that was the plan all along: The Tide is the start of something bigger).

People who use it, are happily using it, and I’m seeing plenty of bus-train connections being made at Newtown Station (I personally did bus to train connections at these stations:  Military Hwy, Newtown, Ft Norfolk/EVMC, Monticello*, and MacArthur Square*).

The ride was rather smooth as promised, and does make the commute much faster.  What used to be a 90 minute bus ride from TCC Virginia Beach is now a 20 minute bus ride to Newtown Station + a 20 minute train ride into Downtown Norfolk (MacArthur Square Station).  I used to have to be on the 5:15 PM bus to get home on the last bus, but now I can stay until the 8:52 PM train from Downtown.  Yes, a vast improvement.  I am glad to be home 🙂

* Officially, buses don’t connect here, but they are close enough to Route 17.  MacArthur Square could use a bus stop on City Hall Ave for several routes that go right past.


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  1. Glad to have you back