Transit Riders Advisory Committee

There isn’t much to report from tonight’s meeting. I do NOT have feeder bus information to report, which I was expecting to hear about.

The information I did get:
* Chairman Henry Ryto did acknowledge us Expert Bus Riders and how valuable we would be
* He says there should be one person at each station who is the go-to person for Feeder Buses
* Yes, even lowly me got acknowledged as an expert in buses (granted, Henry knew I would get him if he didn’t mention me)

A Six-Year Plan: Transit Development Plan
* The consultant did a presentation on how far along this is. The public should be able to get a peak next month when it is posted on HRT’s website

Tide Guides (yes I’m going to be one of them)
* We’re going to be at the train stations and will be plainly visible and will be able to answer any question you have about light rail and feeder bus service


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