Your Complete Guide to Tide Light Rail

Link: Complete Guide to Tide Light Rail

You may have noticed a new link in the menu above.  Yep: I’m writing you a complete guide to The Tide Light Rail, and will attempt to dole out as much information as I possibly can.

I also intend to dispel the myths and lies that is spewed 99% of the comment boards you see on PilotOnline.

How can my coverage be different you ask?  Simple: unlike the majority (most, but not all) of commentators you see on the Virginian-Pilot website, I actually RIDE Hampton Roads Transit buses and I ATTEND the meetings (which, under Virginia Law, are open for the public to watch).

I am not going to deny it.  Yes, there have been bumps in the road.  Yes, the former CEO of HRT was thrown out because of Light Rail problems.  Yes, there have been a lot of budget problems.  I will not deny any of it.  I know this.  I was among the first (no, not THE first) to be tipped off that HRT was within inches of Armageddon from the behind-the-scenes issues.

That is all behind us now.  HRT is on the home stretch.  Light Rail operators are running the trains so they can get ready for opening day, Friday, August 19th.  Bus operators picked their new runs so that, starting Sunday, August 7th, buses will enter Light Rail stations so passengers can get used to switching between buses, and operators can get used to going in and out of stations.

It was a long road, and there were times when I wondered if HRT would ever get through.  We are now on the final step of the journey towards Opening Weekend.  I look forward to arriving at Newtown Station on Friday, August 19th, at 6:38 AM on the first bus of the morning and being out all day to get the system going.  Hang in there everyone.  We’re almost ready to rock & roll!!


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  1. New HRT Route 16 [FORT NORFOLK-ODU]. Schedule posted hereon lists arrival time at ODU but no departure time is shown. Two thoughts: (1) arrival time is also the departure time, and bus then lays over at Colley Ave. and departs at time shown for inbound trip or (2) an error has been detected and a departure time column from ODU needs to be inserted.