HRT F*cked up Southside Operations

Luckily I wasn’t caught in the mess today, as my riding was exclusively on Trolley Base vehicles.  For those caught in the mess, HRT has absolutely no excuse.

Here’s what happened today:

HRT finally completed the 18th Street (Norfolk) bus garage on ahead of schedule, and on budget!!  Great!!  Now, it’s time to move the buses back from the Ford Plant off of Indian River Road.

HRT spent today (and apparently the next few upcoming days) moving buses to the new 18th Street facility.  This screwed up ALL operations on the Southside (with the exception of MAX Routes 961 and 967 – both of which operate out of the peninsula garage in Hampton – as well as Virginia Beach routes operating out of the Trolley barn, which are routes 25, 26,27,  29, 30, 31, 32, 33, and 34).

Why complain you ask?  Simple: when HRT moved operations to the Ford Plant, there were no service disruptions of any kind.  Heck, HRT even started a new route.  Route 309 shuttled operators between the Ford Plant, Cedar Grove, Norfolk General Hospital, and Wards Corner.  For some silly reason, HRT included Route 309 in its Google Transit Feed, even though the route was for operators only.  The 309 was supposed to help operators arrive on schedule to get buses rolling at relief points (for example, the afternoon operator would take the 309 into Cedar Grove to be on time for the morning operator to be done their shift).

So now, we have a complete mess on our hands.  A mess that doesn’t have to be.  Once word got out on HRT’s Facebook page, a few of us who remembered that there was no disruptions to moving to the Ford plant quickly called out HRT on that one.  The staffer(s) in charge of HRT’s Facebook page – who most likely have no connection to the operations side of the agency – had to put up with us fussing at operations.

HRT, you have no excuse for the screw ups that are currently in progress.  Especially when previous major moves went off without a hitch (Cedar Grove – along with all of its associated tweaking at the beginning – come to mind, and especially the move from 18th Street to the Ford Plant where disruptions like this did not occur).

HRT: You screwed up big time today.  And you have NO excuse for it


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