Route 43: Frequently Asked Questions

So seeing all the commentary on HRT’s Facebook page, there are several questions about new Route 43. I’m going to ride it tomorrow and will change any answers as needed, but for now, a list of frequently asked questions:

Q: What is going on here?
A: Route 44 had a variation called Route 44C which connected Victory Crossing, Wal-Mart, and High & Florida. Service was once hourly. Ridership wasn’t the greatest, but this was how you got t Wal-Mart. Also, the latest variation of The Portsmouth Loop, Route 300, had a variation – Route 300A which connected Downtown Portsmouth, The Naval Hospital (about a block from the Effingham Street gate), and Parkview. Route 43 takes those two and combines them into one route connecting Downtown Portsmouth, the Naval Hospital (one block from the gate), Parkview, London Blvd, High St & Florida Ave, and Wal-Mart. The Wal-Mart to Victory Crossing Leg was eliminated.
Q: Does “The Wal-Mart Bus” go to Downtown Portsmouth?
A: Yes. Route 43 shows up at County & Court at :03 after the hour
Q: Does “The Wal-Mart Bus” go to Victory Crossing?
A: No. Route 43 does not serve Victory Crossing.
Q: How do I get between Wal-Mart and Victory Crossing?
A: HRT makes it the long-way-around, but it is possible. Just note that there WILL be a 30 minute wait at High Street & Florida Ave when you do this. There’s no way around it (it would take the same amount of time if you took the 45 to Downtown to change to the 43, so there’s no way around it). I am going to petition HRT to either flip the times around, or extend the 43 to Victory via Airline as it should be done!!

  1. Take Route 43 to High & Florida
  2. Transfer to Route 44 heading towards Chesapeake Square


  1. Take Route 44 heading towards Norfolk General Hospital to High & Florida
  2. Transfer to Route 43 heading towards Wal-Mart
Q: So, what exactly does Route 43 do?
A: Route 43 starts off at County & Court, and uses High Street to get to Effingham Street. From there, it’s up to Crawford (one block from the Naval Hospital), then over to Elm Ave. The route will use Elm to head to London Blvd, and follow that to High St & Florida Ave, where a connection with Routes 44 and 47 can be made. Then, a left turn onto southbound U.S. 17 and the route ends at the existing bus stop on Bart Street on the side of Wal-Mart. If that confuses you, I created a map using Google tat may be easier to understand than HRT’s map of the route. View Google Map.

So, that pretty much sums it up. Now, if it were up to me: from Wal-Mart, I would have the bus continue to Victory Crossing by way of Airline Blvd, which currently does not have bus service. Also, the route starts up quite late in the morning and ends early in the evening, even by Portsmouth standards! I would add one more morning trip and one more evening trip in both directions and extend it to Victory as described.

And you might be interested in the new bus schedules

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