I’m BACK!!! (for real)

Route 36 heading towards Pembroke Mall at Tidewater Community College

Route 36 Pembroke at TCC

Yes, it’s been forever and a day since I’ve used this blog.  I was attending a place in the Shenandoah Valley to further my education, and I’m now home.

I will be attending  tomorrow’s special session of HRT’s Transit Riders Advisory Committee and intend to report about it after.

Other business:

  • HRT wants to reduce service on The MAX.  Eh, there’s better ways to do this that can attract ridership.  I’ve submitted my ideas to my two City Council members on HRT’s board.
  • The Tide Light Rail: Dang it!  Start running revenue service!
  • Efficiency Report: Lose my Night 36?  Uh, NO!  Better idea: Let it actually meet the 20 at Pembroke.  You might actually get riders.



2 responses to “I’m BACK!!! (for real)

  1. Just be careful on the MAX.

    I actually like the changes on the 960, because it means the route will run all day. With a route that doesn’t run from 10am until 3pm half the year, it greatly reduced its usefulness to me when I want to head to Norfolk, and the alternatives are horrendous (36-20 being the easiest of them, and I know you know what a pain that is to connect.)

    • No, I have no intention of cutting Route 960 service. I’m adding stops to do what they do where my dad lives: Freeway Stations (bus stop at interstate onramp). This would allow more people to use it.