The July 11th Service Change is Public

Number One: THE 36 HOLLAND ROAD BUS RUNS AT NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK, now on to the meat of this post.  Here’s exactly what’s happened.  This is a MAJOR Service Change.  Allow me to break it down.  I will be doing this for major routing/time changes.  HRT did tweak some other routes, but they are time adjustments.


  • Route 5 Willoughby Spit: NEW service along Tidewater Drive to Evelyn Butts & J.  Service along Granby St eliminated and will continued to be served by Route 1
  • Route 13 Campostella Rd: will NO LONGER serve Sunrise Hills (use the bus stops along Campostella Rd) and NO LONGER serve any of Battlefield Blvd south of Robert Hall.  Passengers going to Battlefield Blvd should use NEW Route 14 Battlefield Blvd
  • Route 14 Battlefield Blvd: Split from the old Route 13.  No more direct service to Chesapeake General Hospital (use the stops on Battlefield Blvd).  The split is occuring so that if the bus gets caught by the bridge, the rest of the route doesn’t suffer
  • Routes 20 and 25: No more service to Sentara Leigh Hospital bus shelter.  Instead, use the stops on Kempsville Rd
  • Route 26 Rosemont Rd: Route 26 will now operate as a clockwise loop running from TCC up Rosemont over Bow Creek to Lynnhaven Mall, then Internatioal Pkwy to Hawkeye.  This is as the routing is now.  Return Trip has Changed.  International to the Mall, then down Lynnhaven Pkwy to TCC.
  • Route 29 Great Neck Rd: No longer serves Lynnhaven Pkwy to TCC (route truncated to Pleasure House-Lynnhaven Mall).  Use Route 26 to continue to TCC.
  • Route 36 Holland Rd: NEW EVENING SERVICE past 6:10 PM!!!!

On the Peninsula, there are some minor changes, and I’ll let any Peninsula bus blogger pick up on them (Shadowrider or The Shooter??)

Virginia Beach riders, here are your new evening times for Route 36 (these are Weekdays Only, in addition to the existing schedule):

(T1) Pembroke Mall 2 Holland & S Plaza 3 Chimney Hill (T4) TCC
7:14 7:22 7:30 7:45
8:24 8:32 8:40 8:55
9:34 9:42 9:50 10:05
(T4) TCC 3 Chimney Hill 2 Holland & S Plaza (T1) Pembroke Mall
7:48 8:03 8:11 8:19
9:00 9:15 9:23 9:31
10:12 10:27 10:35 10:43

I got what I asked for: you will have no problems transferring from the #20 to catch these trips home down Holland.

Now what about the other buses you ask?  Consider the 36 as a down payment.  As part of the fare review (covered extensively by Avenging Archangel), many routes will have higher frequencies and evening service.  Also, specifically for the 25 NEWTOWN and the 27 NORTHAMPTON, since they serve the Newtown Tide station, they’re getting real service in May 2011, just in time for light rail!!!


3 responses to “The July 11th Service Change is Public

  1. This moves the 36 light years forward. It’s still not all the way (people in this city DO have to get around on Sundays!), but it is a big step forward from the current service.

    Thank you, HRT!

    • Thank the City for FINALLY realizing since it’s the city paying for the extended hours. Consider this new 36 a down payment for what really needs to be done.

      • I suspected as much. Thankfully some sense beginning to dawn on city hall! Thank you, Virginia Beach!