The July 11th Service Change

Alright, here’s what I know so far through unnamed sources: (disclaimer: information is subject to change rapidly and without notice)

Starting Monday, July 12th:

  • Route 36 Holland Rd will have 3 more evening trips.  So, last round trip will leave Pembroke Mall at 9:10 PM, get to TCC at 9:45 PM, and return to Pembroke at 10:22 PM.  I am expecting the schedule to be adjusted to properly meet the 20s at Pembroke.  There will be NO connections at TCC after 6:45 PM.  I do not have an answer on Sunday service.

Starting Later:

  • Come January, talk is going around that more routes will run into the evening.  I’m hearing that one of them is the 33 General Booth Blvd

According to the city’s Planning Office budget:

  • Service would connect “TCC to Kempsville”.  There are two routes which do that (depending on what part of Kempsville you want): Route 12 serves Indian River Rd and Route 25 serves Princess Anne Rd (details here)
  • I have no specific details

In addition, starting on the 12th, there are tweaks planned for routes (no increase in service hours though)

  • Route 29 will no longer use Mill Dam Rd (using Great Neck directly to First Colonial)
  • Route 26 will be a loop: Leave TCC, head up Rosemont to Bow Creek to the Mall, meet Routes 29, 32, and 37, and then International Pkwy to Hawkeye Court.  Return Trip to Lynnhaven Mall, meet the buses, and head down Lynnhaven Parkway to TCC.  This should help keep the 29 on schedule and artificially inflate ridership numbers on the 26
  • Route 5 will be serving Tidewater Dr to Little Creek Rd to Evelyn Butts & J.  This will avoid duplicating service with the #1 between Ocean View and Wards Corner.  Hopefully, it’s adjusted so that trips leave Butts & J at 15 after the hour.
  • Route 116 is being split into two routes: 108 and 116.  The 116 will always go via Warwick and the 108 will always go via Jefferson when making the Patrick Henry Mall/Lee Hall WATA Transfer connection.  Hours are the same, the route numbering is being changed to help cut confusion.

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