[BREAKING] Virginia Beach says Yes to Night bus service to/from TCC

This is Breaking News, and information is subject to change rapidly as information becomes available.

The City of Virginia Beach passed its new budget which calls for night bus service to/from TCC

Details:  Planning Office Budget (see page 3)

“Mass transit operation is funded through the Department of Planning’s budget. There have been no decreases to the level of mass transit services that are going to be offered in FY 2010-11; however, the only change is an increase in the amount of services being provided.  One of these increases is in the number of bus hours providing service between Kempsville and Tidewater Community College (TCC). This service has been extended later into the evening so that students attending TCC night classes will have a means of transportation.”

Specifically, two routes connect Kempsville and TCC.

  • Route 12 Indian River Rd runs from South Norfolk to College Park to Downtown Kempsville (Kemps River Shopping Center) via Indian River Road then continues via Lynnhaven Parkway to TCC
  • Route 25 Newtown runs from Military Circle to Princess Anne & Newtown & Kempsville (Norfolk) then continues down Princess Anne to TCC (passing through Kempsville at Princess Anne & Kempsville/Witchduck)

Now, as to which of the two are getting extended hours, I don’t know.  I’m hoping for both (but if it has to be one or the other, Route 25 runs near the currently under construction Newtown Tide Station.

Also, rumor is going around that the 36 Holland Rd (which, of all routes service TCC, has the highest ridership) should be running into the night.

The $64,000 question is Sunday Service.  I’m hoping the answer is Yes.


2 responses to “[BREAKING] Virginia Beach says Yes to Night bus service to/from TCC

  1. If only Portsmouth would include this in their budget because extended service is sorely needed there (plus with the new TCC near Victory Crossing I would think the city would extend there service as well).

    • Not gonna happen until your mayor is recalled. Mayor Holley, acting in his role as Portsmouth rep on HRT’s governing board specifically stated that buses “don’t need to run” after 7 because “the day is over”.

      I say that’s hogwash, but that’s what Holley said. I’d be satesfied with buses until 10 to 11 PM.