Get on TRAC with HRT

They’re finally here!!!

Get on TRAC with HRT

For the longest time, Hampton Roads Transit had a committee made up of citizen bus riders called the User Citizen Advisory Committee.  Hardly anyone knew it existed, much less what it was about.

Today, that all changes with Get on TRAC with HRT.  The Transit Riders Advisory Committee is the reformed UCAC that is made up of bus riders and those who support mass transit.  Today marks the first time TRAC info cards are being deployed on buses.  Now, this wonderful avenue of information is getting the recognition it deserves by being advertised on buses.

For those interested in TRAC, simply call HRT Customer Service at 222-6100 and they will be more than happy to forward your request to the correct department.  You may also visit the TRAC page on HRT’s website.

If you’re interested in sitting in on a meeting (which, under Virginia Law, are open to the public), the next meeting is Wednesday, April 21st at 6 PM at HRT’s 15th Street facility in Norfolk.  If you’re taking the bus, the facility is served directly by Routes 1, 3, and 961.  Additionally, it is an easy walk from Route 4 as well as any bus serving Cedar Grove.


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