Feeding The Tide: Take the Bus to the Train

Map of suggested bus connections to The Tide light rail

Feeding The Tide (click to enlarge)

As The Tide Light Rail comes ever closer to completion, it’s time to start thinking about making bus connections to feed into the trains.  A long time ago (back when this site was still on Blogger/BlogSpot), I had a couple of posts called Feeding the Tide.  Here’s the latest update with what I know as of posting date.  Suggestions are based around stations:

NEWTOWN STATION (Newtown Rd @ Curlew Dr)

  • Serves routes 20, 25, 27, 960, and a shuttle to Virginia Beach Town Center (shuttle not shown on map, would jump on I-264 at Newtown Rd and jump off at Independence Blvd
  • Route 20 would do it’s “Night & Weekend” routing all day, every day
  • Route 25 would be truncated to run between the train station and TCC (the current Newtown & Kempsville to Military Circle portion would be replaced by Route 20)
  • Route 27 would stay on Newtown (coming from Pleasure House) and head down to the train station (taking over duties from the 25 for the Denny’s and Ruby Tuesday’s bus stops)
  • For details on my 960 proposal see my previous entry, Transit (or lack thereof) to the Airport: How other cities do it, and what we should do

MILITARY HWY STATION (Curlew Dr @ Military Hwy Service Rd)

  • Served by Routes 15 and 23
  • Both routes would follow the same routing
  • Coming from Military Circle: head down Popular Hall, as is today
  • Left onto Military Hwy
  • RIGHT onto “Hoggard Rd”
  • Hoggard becomes the Military Hwy Service Rd, offer a bus stop for Best Square
  • Cross over the I-264 bridge and serve the station
  • Route 23 and the Cutback 15 (the 15 that today goes between Wards Corner and Military Circle) would turn around
  • Route 15 going to Greenbrier and Robert Hall would use Corporate Blvd to return to Military Hwy

UPDATE: Been thinking about it throughout the day.  Do we really want to scrap bus service to the Endependence Center?  For the 27, don’t know if this could work or not (if there’s no ridership to the Center, then screw this):

  • Leave the Station, head up Kempsville
  • RIGHT onto VB Blvd
  • LEFT onto Newtown
  • RESUME Pleasure House routing

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