An honestly wonderful experience on a Piece of Trash bus

I went to the Light Rail presentation today (more on that later) and on my way there, I caught the inbound 20 scheduled to leave Pembroke East at 12:18 PM.

Bus 511 pulled up (one of the ancient relics from the old PENTRAN), so I wheeled up to the bus to make it clear I wanted to ride. The operator got out of his seat, exited the bus, and explained to me in a very professional manner that the bus was missing its wheelchair securements and asked if I would wait for the next inbound 20.

I made a counter-offer to transfer out of my wheelchair once I was on board, since I absolutely could not wait for the 12:48 PM bus, which is what I did.

Throughout the entire experience, the operator was very professional and it was a pleasant experience.

One question to HRT (and the cities, which feed HRT a “starvation diet” of cash): why are some of these pieces of trash still on the road? If they must be on the road, why do we not have adequate and/or non-existing wheelchair securement restraints on these buses?


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