Bus Driver Appreciation Day

Thanks Bus Chick and Seattle Transit Blog for reminding me that today is Bus Driver Appreciation Day!  Too bad out where I live there are no buses on Sundays 😦

A very simple Thank-You to your bus driver can go a very long way.

Reminder: Bus Driver Appreciation Day Coming Up

One week from today, March 18th, is Bus Driver Appreciation Day 🙂

Why, you ask?  March 18th is when the first ever public transit buses started.  Learn more?

Thanks for reminding me, Bus Chick 🙂


Ok where to begin? Well, how about trashy buses? Nope, I see that every day. Filthy shelters? Yawn.
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Take ORF with HRT: Route 7 ORF Airport

Hampton Roads Transit Bus Route Seven at Norfolk International AirportI was on board Route 7 today and I must say, the word needs to get out.

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Williamsburg Trip

I went to Williamsburg again yesterday and here’s my report:

Williamsburg Area Transit Authority launched a new pass program at the beginning of this year and for me, my trips here and there mean my best value is $2 for an All Day Pass.  Drivers just had a staff meeting the other day about making time points and, as I was on Orange Line (Train Station / Tam-0-Shanter / Best Buy / Water Country Back Entrance), we sat for several minutes at a couple of points to wait for it to be time to go.

Several of the operators I spoke with were curious about the GoPass365, which I use on my travels, and I explained that basically it’s HRT’s equivalent of showing a WATA operator your Thomas Nelson or William & Mary ID.

Now, my big big gripe: HRT Route 121 (NNTC / Patrick Henry Mall / Train Station:

There is but one single round trip in the morning, and one single round trip in the afternoon.  I boarded the 5 PM trip from WATA Station to head home, and get this

  • We left 7 minutes early (4:53 PM instead of the correct 5 PM)
  • We left before all WATA buses arrived

Of course I blasted an email off to HRT because I can easily see the run being more popular if it would just wait for the 5 PM WATA lineup and people knew they could depend on the 121 waiting for them.

Passenger count for Route 121:

  • 7 on at WATA Station
  • 2 off / 8 on at Patrick Henry Mall

Bear in mind that there could’ve been more if the bus simply waited for it’s schedule and allowed all WATA buses to arrive

Welcome Aboard, Mr Harrell

Mr. Harrell, welcome to HRT!! You will find that your city of Chesapeake can stand to benefit from a vastly expanded bus and rail system and I look forward to being able to ride the entire length of Battlefield in the near future. In the immediate future: I look forward to being able to get to/from Chesapeake in the evenings as well as Sundays, and being forced to leave the city by dinner time is not a good quality.
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Route 7 ORF Airport is a go(?)

Apparently HRT is going to try the #7 Shitty Grove-Airport again

Major stops along the route:

  • Shitty Grove Parking Lot
  • Civic Plaza Station
  • Tidewater Dr & Noreview Ave
  • Five Points
  • ORF Airport

Route 7 Schedule, Daily 5 AM to 11:47 PM every hour.

Service begins Sunday, Feb 5th. Here’s hoping HRT doesn’t get ahead of themselves again.

May Clade Rest in Peace

HRT Operator 6362, The Rev. Claude Purser’s funeral was today and I’m glad I was able to get there.

We will miss you Claude and someday I know I’ll be on your bus up there when it’s my turn to come through those Pearly Gates.  HRT lost a wonderful, wonderful operator.  Thank you Claude and Rest in Peace.

Bring The Tide Across The Harbor

Yep: Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, and Portsmouth are covered.  Now, let’s Cross The Harbor 🙂

Anyone from the Peninsula able to help me?

HRT Staff Rides the 47 with Me

Last week, I sent an email inviting HRT planning as well as operations staff to come ride the #47 High Street with me to see what I have to put up with getting to ODU Tri Cities campus.

One of the operations big wigs down at 18th Street – along with a couple of staff members – happily took advantage of the offer to “escape the office” and learn the route better.  Here’s what I had in mind for the 47: County & Court to Village & Academy: Route 47 High Street, marked as such, and make no changes, except as planned with the Service Efficiencies Study.

Village & Academy to Lakeview Industrial Park in Suffolk: I can see major (for the better) changes happening.  This is what I would like to see happen:

  1. As the bus is coming into Suffolk, hang a left onto Prices Fork Blvd
  2. At the Traffic Circle where Prices Fork & University Blvd meet, swing around to University – making a right.  Somewhere safe there, plant a bus shelter for both directions.  NOTE: buses CAN NOT fit down University Blvd towards the Tri Cities building, so these shelters would be where you get on and off for Tri Cities
  3. Continue down University Blvd and hang a RIGHT onto College Drive
  4. Regular Route from there to Walmart